About Us

KIPEDA Holdings is an oil supply and marketing company with its main base in Nairobi, Kenya.

Our principle shareholder is a lobby group, for independent petroleum distributors in Kenya, Kenya Independent Petroleum Distributors Association (KIPEDA) together with other foreign investors.

KIPEDA was incorporated in 2016 and seeks to revolutionize the country’s fuels industry through efficient import, fare pricing and supply of petroleum products while meeting the local demand.

We recognize the critical role of the industry as a chief driver of the economy and thus the need for a flawless supply chain of management that will guarantee fair prices for everyone. Backed by operators who have long standing experience in the industry, we fully understand the dynamics of the market place. We source and deliver high quality petroleum products in time, consistently and reliably throughout the country.

Our Vision

To be a lead supplier and marketer in East Africa by providing high quality petroleum products, innovative consultancy services using the latest technology in both local and international oil and gas practices.

Our Mission

  • To reliably source and supply petroleum products at competitive
  •  Empower partners through cutting edge consultancy services in the