The Industry

The discovery of oil, gas and coal in Kenya opened the country to new levels, placing it at a good position in the energy producers list.

The country continues to grow in its exploration activities  as new investors show interest. This has empowered the industry, attracted review of the rules of business and adoption new technologies in the practice.

Kenya continues to import petroleum products. The petroleum industry employs nearly 50,000 people and another 70,000 indirectly.



We are keen to ensure the best practice in handling our products by putting them Readmore..



We at KIPEDA ensure efficient supply of products so as to maintain competitive


Ecological Stewardship

In order to support the long-term sustainability, we Readmore..


Global Sourcing

KIPEDA Holdings strives to exceed expectations in every area of Readmore..



KIPEDA Holdings is an oil supply and marketing company with its main base in Nairobi, Kenya.

Our principle shareholder is a lobby group, for independent petroleum distributors in Kenya, Kenya Independent Petroleum Distributors Association (KIPEDA) together with other foreign investors.

KIPEDA was incorporated in 2016 and seeks to revolutionize the country’s fuels industry through efficient import, fare pricing and supply of petroleum products while meeting the local demand. Readmore…



Market Linkages

We provide market linkages via our vast network.


Setting up of Stations

We do the entire ground work of setting up gas stations.


Location Selection

We provide appropriate advice.


Supply Chain Management

We provide logistics and support.

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